About Sakagurabanryu

Sakagurabanryu was launched in April 2014 with the concepts of "diversity", "neutrality" and "continuity"
as a medium to communicate the techniques and ingenuity of sake brewing from brewer to brewer.
Sakagurabanryu opened as a web magazine in October 2019.
We will continue to support the revitalization of the sake industry as a whole through Sakagurabanryu.

web magazine



All contents of the sake brewery travelogues we have covered in the past are available for viewing at any time.
Other web-only contents will also be released.

First issue greeting

We, Shinnakano Industry Co., Ltd. manufacture and sell rice polishing machines for sake rice, the raw material for sake, and are working day and night to contribute to the brewery's high quality sake production. In 2013, we developed and sold a new type of rice milling machine for sake breweries, equipped with diamond rolls that save energy and can handle small lots. We will continue to make efforts to help t he breweries in their management.

In recent years, in addition to selling machines, we have been operating our own rice-polishing factory, where we mill the raw brown rice entrusted to us by the breweries into white rice. At present, we supply sake raw white rice to more than 100 sake breweries throughout Japan. In December, the peak of the season, high polishing of Yamadanishiki and Omachi rice for ginjo sake is carried out day and night, making the factory both lively and tense. In this way, the best sake raw rice is gathered at our rice milling plant and provide to each brewery.

While learning more about our customers, the breweries, we hope to contribute to the promotion and development of Japanese sake by conveying the appeal of sake by "Sakagurabanryu", from high quality sake such as daiginjo sake to everyday sake, all of which the breweries put their heart and soul into.

Toyohiko Iida,
Shinnakano Industry Co., Ltd.

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