Our team

  • Writer Maki Ichida

    A writer born in Hiroshima City and living in Okayama City. Reporting in the field in summer and at a brewery in winter. Through lectures and teaching activities, she also foucus on publicizing rice produced in Okayama, such as Omachi. Her goal is to spread widely the appeal of local sake brewed in the region. She is an SSI-certified sake sommelier, a lecturer in sake studies at SSI, and a certified J.S.A. Sake Diploma. She is also a public relations advisor for the Okayama Prefecture Sake Brewers Association.

  • Writer Kaori Sannou

    She was born and living in Osaka. After graduating from university, as a freelance writer, she covers and writes a total of more than 3,500 people through various media, including magazines, newspapers, company news letters, websites, and government publications. The goal is to describe "people" objectively and dramatically in words. She started drinking sake at the age of 20, and in 2009 became an SSI certified sake sommelier. Her hobbies are making snaks for sake, hashigo sake (bar crawl), and traveling to camps nationwide.

  • Writer Tomomi Seki

    Sake writers, columnists, sake sommelier, a sake brewer / freelance landlady, who visited sake breweries all over Japan to present information on Japanese sake with the idea of "Many people will be moved to find their perfect sake." Communicate the taste of sake and the appeal of local culture through various means such as writing articles, sending out information on SNS, giving seminars, brewing sake, and working as a proprietress. ● Official website http://tomomiseki.wix.com/only

  • Writer Ayuko Yamaguchi

    I'm Ayuko Yamaguchi and I live in Kyoto. I love sake so much and have been doing a lot of "self-improvement with sake" which might be said to be just an excessive drinking. As for writing, I am not as good as my predecessors who vividly depict "the people who brew sake," but I will try to follow their frowns and do my best. We look forward to your continued support.

  • Writer Akiko Watabe


  • photographer taizo ishikawa


  • photographer tomokazu izumi

  • photographer tsuyoshi tagawa


  • photographer manabu tokuda

  • photographer kouji fukunaga


  • photographer atsushi miyamoto

  • photographer saki miyoshi


  • Desk Hiroshi Yamaguchi

    After working as a reporter for the Kobe Shimbun, he currently working freelance. He mainly edit and write in the business area. He's secretly looking forward to reading articles about sake breweries in Sakagurabanryu with drinking the sake brewed by those breweries.

  • Designer Hiroki Koyama

    Born March 4, 1985. Shifted from a trading company to a design industry. After working at a design company in Osaka, he became independent as a freelance in 2014. He is active mainly in the editorial design of magazines. His working at Sakagurabanryu led him to become a big sake lover.